General knowledge about the institution

Benefits of kindergarten

We are a successful children's school for children of age 1.5 - 7 years. We develop and implement unique pre-school and pre-primary education programs. We have achieved special results in healthy lifestyle education: successful adaptation and integration of children, inclusive education, counselling on educational issues, healthy nutrition and renewal of kitchen equipment, outdoor activities, promotion of different sports and physical training projects, children's artistic selfexpression, social-emotional intelligence importance of education, implementation of preventive programs "Kimochis" and "Time together."

We continue to strengthen learners' cognitive activities through:
- Active new learning methods and forms;
- Creating Educational Learning Environments;
- Development of language and communication competencies; Application of thinking maps;
- reflexivity, community communication culture, learning at all levels (children, parents and
- Dissemination of good practice.

We support and organise early childhood admission for 1.5 - 3 years, adaptation for the summer period and multifaceted education for 4 nursery groups. We provide psychological counselling, parent education and parenting skills training. Our building and environment are spacious, beautiful, functional, playgrounds rich of toys.

There are 6 groups for children of 3 - 5 years old in our school. Renewed washrooms, groups and dressing rooms, new playground areas were recently created. Self-expression projects are being implemented. New playgrounds are installed, each year with mobile modern outdoor equipment. There are modern toys and play areas.

We have effective support and support programs for the family. Assistance in applying for benefits could be provided. We have activities of the Children welfare committees, kindergarten council, groups for parents working longer hours, continuity of education in kindergarten, family and school.

High-quality pre-primary education for children of age 5-7 in 2 pre-school groups is provided. We have developed programs for children with good learning achievements, in the areas of health, social, cognitive, artistic, and language competences. We collaborate with many families and schools.

Prepared by Director Dalia Žemonienė